Stamp concrete sealing ( clear coat high or low gloss commercial sealer)

High pressure washing the surface, removing dirt and stain and applying two coats of high or low gloss commercial sealer with roller or spray


$ 1.00 / sq. feet
Stamp concrete re–stain and re-antique sealing.

Stripping-off previous coat, applying bonded coat which helps stick the silicon base concrete stain.

Applying two coats of silicon base stain, then applying antique color powder with high gloss clear coat.


$ 3.00 / sq. feet

Three part epoxy coating ( 6 colors available )
Floor preparing ( acid wash )

Applying bonded coat, first coat concrete stain and second coat with paint chips.

Applying final extra heavy- duty protective clear coat.


$ 3.00 / sq .feet
One part epoxy
Floor preparing ( acid wash )

Applying two coat of concrete stain.


$ 1.50 / sq. feet
Carpet cleaning


$ 0 .22 / sq. feet


Window cleaning
Same price for single or two level homes. Screen cleaning with high pressure washer




$ 2.00 / window each pain
$ 4.00 / regular screen each
$ 8.00 / solar screen